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 CJ: Courts continue to work


 CJ: Courts continue to work

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The Courts at the Supreme Court Complex on White Park Road, St Michael, continue to function.

This confirmation came today from Chief Justice, Sir Marston Gibson, during a press briefing in the Judges’ Lounge at the White Park Road, St Michael complex.

“The Courts have continued to work; hearings have continued only in those spaces in the building that have been remediated to date,” he said.

Sir Marston explained that they recognised that the Judiciary played a critical role under the Barbados Constitution, and therefore every effort must be made to ensure continuity.

He noted that the Court of Appeal and High Courts have continued to conduct trials, hearings and other matters at the Judicial Centre.

“The position taken by the Judiciary is not to be interpreted as forcing any member of staff who feels imperilled by entering the building to do so. It must be pointed out that the Judges have assumed responsibility for the administrative functions normally carried out by the Clerks of Court,” he stated, noting however, that the concerns of the staff had been acknowledged.

He stressed that remediation of the building was ongoing and would continue until it is completed.

The Chief Justice said that ongoing investigations have revealed the presence of mould, dust mites and other allergens which have impacted the health of Court staff and members of the Judiciary. (BGIS)