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Authorities recommence opening of sluice gate


Authorities recommence opening of sluice gate

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The public is advised that until further notice, persons should stay out of the sea at Worthing Beach, Christ Church, from 6 p.m. to noon the following day.           

This caution by the Ministry of Health comes in response to the daily opening of the sluice gate at the Graeme Hall Swamp by the Drainage Division. Red flags, which indicate no swimming, are in place along the beach and bathers are asked to adhere to the flags and any other signs erected by the National Conservation Commission (NCC).

Meanwhile, the Ministry is collaborating with other Government agencies to ensure that public health is protected at Accra Beach, where there was seepage of sewage into the sea on Tuesday.

According to Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George, the berm, which prevents the waste water from reaching the beach, will be closely monitored on a daily basis to prevent any further breaches. The public is asked to heed any flags or signage erected by the NCC at the beach.

In addition, the NCC has advised that the public bath facilities at Accra remain closed until further notice. This is to allow the relevant agencies to carry out mitigation work to the sewer system in the area. Chemical toilets are currently in place to facilitate the public. (BGIS)