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Byer Suckoo no fan of frills

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

Byer Suckoo no fan of frills

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IF DR ESTHER BYER SUCKOO had her way, there would be no posters, campaign songs, T-shirts or any other paraphernalia during this election campaign.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) St George South candidate said focus should instead be on who had plans for Barbados, who had been able to steer it through its rough waters, and who could continue to do so safely; rather who had the prettiest posters, the best songs or who paid artistes to perform.

“If I had my way, this election wouldn’t have any new T-shirts and it wouldn’t have any posters and it wouldn’t any songs. Why? Because those are distractions,” she said.

Saying that while the ship needed to “move a little faster”, the Minister of Labour reminded those at a spot meeting in Thorpe’s, St George, on Monday night in support of St George North candidate Jepter Ince, that the DLP was on the right course and going in the right direction.

She charged that the Barbados Labour Party used scare tactics regarding the National Insurance Scheme and reiterated there was enough money to continue paying all the benefits. She stressed Government did not take up National Insurance Scheme (NIS) money as was alleged, but it was borrowed “at a high premium” to ensure the NIS got back a tidy return. (GC)

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