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BLP promises to improve Bridgetown


BLP promises to improve Bridgetown

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Barbados Labour Party stalwart Dame Billie Miller has accused the Democratic Labour Party of neglecting the City of Bridgetown.

“I have never seen it as bad as it is today”, the former Foreign Affairs Minister and City representative told scores of supporters at Wellington Street last night.

She insisted that hope and help were on the way with a new government led by the Barbados Labour Party and a returned BLP representative Jeffrey Bostic.

Dame Billie also told the gathering their vote was too sacred to be sold.

Meanwhile, Bostic said his record had been one of personal investment in the City with a focus on providing jobs and training for its residents.

He said his re-election and the election of the BLP would improve the lives of senior citizens and provide jobs in sports for young people.

Bostic said the BLP had a history of delivering results, in a rebuke to critics who question where the money would come to pay for political promises. 

He lamented delays in providing police certificates of character, saying technology would be used to remove the delays to allow individuals to qualify for jobs. 

Noting that people make mistakes, he also stated that those incarcerated or sent to schools for juvenile offenders would no longer have to wait ten years to have their records expunged. (HH)