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DLP camp advised not to get distracted


DLP camp advised not to get distracted

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Be careful in the final stages of campaigning.

That’s the warning from Democratic Labour Party candidate for St James North Harry Husbands who was speaking at a meeting on Monday night in Belleplaine, St Andrew.

Husbands told the DLP supporters Barbados Labour Party supporters would try many tactics to distract them but he urged them to stand firm.

“They are going to try everything in their power to provoke us, to distract us. They are going to try everything to get us flustered but we must remain focused. Don’t put yourself in a position where any of them can come up to you with any foolishness,” he said.

Husbands told the gathering that the BLP camp was beginning to panic and trying anything to distract from the important issues.

“They never expected the strong response of the DLP and the people’s army in this election campaign. They thought they were going to roll over us but that’s not the case,” Husbands added.

In throwing his support behind Irene Sandiford-Garner, the DLP candidate for St Andrew, Husbands stressed that she was the right woman for the job. (DB)