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BRSA urges new government to prioritise road safety


BRSA urges new government to prioritise road safety

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The Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) has extended congratulations to the new Barbados Labour Party administration on its victory.

In a statement, president Sharmane Roland-Bowen said the organisations stood ready to work with the government to make our roads safer.

“As thousands of families across the island are in a celebratory mode from the outcome of our general elections on Thursday, six families are in mourning for the loss of six loved ones, due to road deaths this week,” she said.

The BRSA made an urgent call for road safety “to be recognised, and be placed among the list of priorities on the agenda, towards the reduction of injuries and to help save lives on our roads”.

“So far for this year there have 15 road deaths, more than half of the 28 which occurred in 2017, and there is still more than half of the year to go. The Crop Over season will also soon be upon us, as one of the scheduled national activities,” Roland-Bowen said.

She said the BRSA was looking forward to the final preparation and enactment of the drink-drive legislation along with the  enforcement of speed limits, to help combat most of the major accidents.

“Let this victory for the people also extend to a victory on our roads, as we all work together towards safety and bring back sanity on our roads,” the BRSA head said. (PR/NB)