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RPB calls it a day

Davandra Babb

RPB calls it a day

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BARBADOS’ MOST CROWNED CALYPSONIAN Stedson “Red Plastic Bag” Wiltshire has quit competition.

As a result, he will not be defending his Sweet Soca crown this year.

In an interview with the DAILY NATION over the weekend, the ten-time Pic-O-De-Crop monarch said he would give his reasons at a later date.

“I’ve done my bit and I’m quite comfortable to bow out of competition. I believe that at this stage in my career, once I stop, I’m not too sure I will be willing to go back,” he said during a celebration of Canada Day at the residence of the Canadian High Commissioner on Sunday afternoon.

“At this point I can safely say that I will not be competing,” he added.

Last December, RPB hinted his days of competing would soon end, but he would not be walking away from the entertainment scene.

“It doesn’t end because I’m not competing. I still want to do work with those involved with making music for Sweet Soca. I believe that it’s a genre that can move what we are doing to mainstream music. It is ‘dancey’ and people of all ages love it. I believe it’s something I will continue working with,” he added.

RPB has released one song this year, I Am Alive, which has been receiving plenty of traction to date.

“I have another song I’m hoping to release, but I’m not certain as yet if I will be releasing it because this song I have out now seems to be growing quite well and getting a great response. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do, but probably I’ll release it. I just want to get involved in Crop Over as much as I can and enjoy Crop Over as much as I can,” he said.

In 2014, RPB decided to stop competing in the Pic-O-De-Crop.

He won ten Pic-O-De-Crop titles since bursting on to the scene in 1982, his last win being in 2012. In addition to his spectacular win last year with the catchy commentary Boat Ride, the undisputed king won one other Sweet Soca crown with his still very popular Once Upon A Wine in 2011.

RPB, who was named a Cultural Ambassador last year, said he was comfortable with the contribution he had made over the last seven years to the Sweet Soca competition.

He said he was enjoying the music he had heard.

“I think that credit must be given to the producers for the quality of music that they are producing. I’m hearing some very good work being done by producers of Barbados who don’t get enough credit . . . . I haven’t had a chance to hear a lot of the music, but I’m excited about the prospects based on what I’ve heard so far.”

However, the prolific songwriter said there were some weaknesses.

“If they’re any deficiencies, they would be in the area of the topics we are choosing, which I’ve always stressed as very important, that we give more storylines in what we are doing so our songs can live past the Crop Over season.”

RPB has been doing a lot of travelling this year. However, he said he was looking forward to watching the competitions, although he would miss Phenomenal Friday on July 6 because he would be out of island. (DB)