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FTC conducting market study on poultry sector


FTC conducting market study on poultry sector

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As part of its efforts to monitor the nature and extent of competition within economic sectors in Barbados, the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) has launched a study of the poultry sector on the island.

The Commission will be aiming to identify the separate markets that exist along the value chain; describe activities within each market; highlight key stakeholders at each level of the value chain; identify issues that affect both customers and stakeholders; and address these in accordance with the Fair Competition Act, CAP. 326C.

Information for the study will be collected through a series of interviews with stakeholders along the value chain, such as farmers, distributors and suppliers. Following this, a survey will also be conducted to determine the experiences of consumers regarding interactions with suppliers within the poultry industry here.

It is expected that the research will enable the Commission to identify and address any activities that may hinder competition in the sector or prove detrimental to consumers.

Members of the public are therefore encouraged to participate by visiting

The link may also be accessed at the Commission’s website,  and Facebook page, (BGIS)