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Barbados praised for drone ban

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

Barbados praised for drone ban

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An alleged attempt on the life of Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro has spurred that country’s Chargé d’Affaires here, Álvaro Sanchez Cordero, to praise Barbados for its temporary ban on the importation of drones.

Cordero said the misuse of drones could pose a threat to national security after the assassination attempt on the life of Maduro in Caracas, in which explosive-laden drones were used.

Local journalists attending a Press conference at the Venezuelan Embassy on Monday were shown footage that revealed two unmanned aircraft systems exploding as Madura addressed an event commemorating the 81st anniversary of Venezuela’s National Guard in Caracas.

Cordero said the explosion had occurred despite their use was prohibited in Venezuela.

“I think many governments should be taking this [action] as a precaution in order to avoid such dangers from taking place in their own events, activities, government functions and so on. Here in Barbados the law prohibits such devices, and I think that is how it should be. I think after what happened, many countries should be taking precaution in order to avoid such dangers in their own venues,” said Cordero.

He cited Saturday’s event as an example of “terrorist actions” against the Venezuelan government and its people, who he complained had been victims of terrorism throughout the last 20 years of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Cordero accused the United States government of destabilising actions and claimed it continued to fund the Venezuelan Opposition with millions of dollars.

He also took issue with how the foreign media reported on the situation in Venezuela and appealed for fairness and truth and asserted that it had not accorded Venezuela the “respect” and “sympathetic” response it deserved. (GC)