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Give your best, students told

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Give your best, students told

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Being the “brightest” in your class is great. But that will not always help you to land the job.

Chief Research and Planning Officer Ricardo Norville made these remarks to several secondary school students today at the Queens Park Steel Shed during the EDUNATION Forum.

“You could be the brightest person in the pack but if you can’t communicate and if you have an attitude, you still won’t have a job,” he said.

During his presentation, he also encouraged students to work on improving their attitudes and deportment.

Norville, who sits on several panels which select scholarship winners, said according to studies conducted, some school-leavers were lacking in good conflict resolution skills as well as innovative skills.

“Some people would walk into an interview with a T-Shirt, bag on the side smelling musty.

“So work on your game, you’re not going to get very far if you do that because we have to keep international standards too.

“When you work for us and you have to go outside there and work. You don’t represent only yourself, you represent the country of Barbados,” Norville advised. (TG)