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Clerview, Clermont keeping watch


Clerview, Clermont keeping watch

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a plaque on a pole. It will rest on your participation,” Toppin said.

President of the programme, Dr Chelston Brathwaite, promised theirs would have staying power as he was committed, adding they had already drafted a constitution.

“I do not associate myself with fly-by-night things. I believe that the development of a community, like the development of a country, is a long-term process.

“After a time people say if nothing happens in the next six months, then there is no threat. But there is always a threat. If you have a car, you have insurance. Something might not happen but you still pay the insurance because there is a risk of living and of having a home,” Brathwaite added.

A string of vehicle thefts last year led to the formation of Barbados’ newest Community Neighbourhood Watch programme.

Residents of Clerview and Clermont, St Michael, gathered to officially launch the surveillance programme in the presence of police officials.

Secretary Rachel Degale said the theft of three Toyota vehicles last year from the area was one of the reasons the new programme was established.

In recent years numerous Toyota and their parts have been stolen as part of an apparent racket.

But Degale said that in addition to focusing on crime, they would also be organising community clean-ups and improving street signage.

Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler said this was the 170th watch programme established since the first at Bank Hall, St Michael, back in 1983.

However, he said since only 34 per cent of the programmes were fully functioning, they would be focusing on trying to reactivate the others.

Try to stay active

Minister of International Business Ronald Toppin, who was also present during the launch, urged the group to try to stay active.

He said since he had become the representative for the area, there were two other watches established, one in the late “1990s or early 2000s” and in 2014.

“As people in societies become better off and move up the ladder, they tend to be unaware of who is living next door. People come to be known by the car they drive or motorcycle they ride . . . But ultimately, the successful maintenance of this watch will depend on your practices far more so than the existence of (TG)

From left: President of the Clerview and Clermont Neighbourhood Watch programme, Dr Chelston Brathwaite; Member of Parliament Ronald Toppin; Ralph Boyce; Superintendent Margaret Stephen, officer in charge of Bridgetown; and residents attending

President of the Clerview and Clermont Neighbourhood Watch programme, Dr Chelston Brathwaite, and Sergeant

Christopher Griffith erecting the sign. (Pictures by Tre Greaves.)

the launch yesterday. (Pictures by Tre Greaves.)