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Message from Dr Sylvia Henry


Message from Dr Sylvia Henry

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I AM VERY PROUD to be counted among thousands of graduates of the Erdiston Teachers’ College and am especially honoured to serve as its current Chair of the Board of Management. This College has achieved 70 years of remarkable service due in large part to the commitment of past and current principals, Ministries, Boards of Management, teaching and non– teaching staff and its many loyal community partners.

To all these persons and agencies, the College is forever indebted. Over the years, the College has inspired public confidence through

I acknowledge the passion for change and the engagement of our newly-constituted Board of Management and look forward to being an integral part of a new vision for school transformation through teacher and leader preparation and development

its work; set standards for teaching excellence and quality learning experiences; responded to the needs of its many stakeholders; and upheld teaching as a laudable profession through its own demonstration.

In recent times, Erdiston Teachers’ Training College has started to reposition itself to provide a new vision for the 21st century school leader and teacher, supported by the redesign of meaningful curricula to be delivered through flexible modalities applying leadingedge modern pedagogical practices.

We are of the firm view that the provision of meaningful, effective teacher education and community enrichment can have a far-reaching, transformative influence on our school system and on our society.

In this regard, we are critical partners in delivering the vision of the Government of Barbados that quality education can transform our nation, empower our people at all levels and position Barbados