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Healthy diet changed Everton’s life


Healthy diet changed Everton’s life

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If you’ve ever chatted with Everton “Heru” Holligan at The Good Life Café, on the streets while he was campaigning during last year’s elections or at his other business, Healing Earth Inc., then you know he is serious about health and wellness.

The newly elected chairman of the United Progressive Party walks the talk.

As a natural health consultant, manufacturer of herbal remedies and retailer, The Lodge School old scholar tries to promote the idea of a more plant-based and less starch-based, as he links starch-based diets to the causes of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

But this father of six told EASY he wasn’t always a vegan.

“I became a vegan in my early 20s, or I was probably 21 or 19. I lived in the USA and had problems with sinuses and allergies, and I was overweight. I wanted to find out why is it that I had these allergy problems from secondary school all the way up. So I went to a doctor in the US who did some tests and told me I was allergic to everything and I would need to come back in two weeks to get a shot to help me deal with the allergies.

“Being in the US, I didn’t trust shots, not with the race relations in Brooklyn and New York, so I have always been sceptical about getting medical therapies like that. And so, I started reading and researching and I’d walk into a bookstore looking for books that would assist me in understanding allergies and how best to deal with them. That’s when I came across some work by a lady named Queen Afua and a doctor named Dr Afrika and I bought their work and started reading,” he said.

Everton started to implement the things that he read. He cut out meat, dairy, and processed foods from his diet. He began eating natural foods, using herbs, and cleaning his body. (GBM)

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