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Drought conditions evolving


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BASED ON A MAP released by the Barbados Met Office on Tuesday, drought conditions are possible for Broomefield, St Lucy; Haggatts, St Andrew, and Pickerings, St Lucy.

Drought conditions are evolving for Bowmanston, St John; CIMH, St James; Charnocks/GAIA, Christ Church; Drax Hall and Walkers Terrace, in St George; Lears, St Michael; Union, St Philip; and Warleigh, St Peter A meteorological drought occurs when there is a prolonged period of below average precipitation, which creates a natural shortage of available water.

BWA has two spring sources – Codrington College Spring and Benn Spring.

The network also comprises 22 well sources and eight boreholes, all ranging in depth from 119.5 to 322 feet.

The water reaches customers by over 2 000 miles of transmission and distribution mains connected to 22 pumping stations, 14 re-pumping stations and 27 reservoirs.