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WhatsApp message not from police


WhatsApp message not from police

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The Royal Barbados Police uses its official logo in order to ensure the authenticity of information that is disseminated to the public.

Police public relations officer, acting inspector Rodney Inniss, was responding to a WhatsApp message making the rounds, which is purported to have originated from CID Headquarters.

The note states: “WARNING: If you wake up in the middle of the night to find that your outside taps are running, DO NOT GO OUTSIDE to turn them off! 

Robbers are now using that to get unsuspecting victims to open their doors so that they can attack them.

Be safe out there.

(Source: CID Headquarters)

Kindly spread the word.”

However, police say they did not send the message.

“It has been drawn to the attention of the administration of the Royal Barbados Police Force that the above notice is being circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Although the information contained is pertinent and in keeping with good personal safety practices, please be advised that it did not originate from the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters of the Royal Barbados Police Force,” police said in a release.

“When distributing any information to the public, whether through conventional means such as radio and print media or through social media platforms such as Facebook, The Royal Barbados Police Force utilises several methods to ensure the authenticity of this information by use of the official logo. All official documentation for circulation to the public is sent though the Office of the Public Relations Officer.”  (PR/SAT)