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COVID-19 Meeting: No price gouging


COVID-19 Meeting: No price gouging

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There is no need for greed or price gouging in Barbados.

Chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association, Edward Clarke sent a strong message to merchants and vendors not to hoard supplies as the island rises to the challenge of facing the COVID-19 threat.

He was speaking during a national address from the Hilton Barbados after a meeting of the Social Partnership to set the tone for a national response to the virus.

Clarke said the island is only as strong as the weakest link, which represents those who may not be able to afford basic supplies. If these are hoarded, the weakest among us would not be protected.

The insurance executive said it was also important that we don’t panic, be prepared, take our own precautions and avoid unnecessary travel, including not attending conferences.

He said the private sector would do the “utmost” to work with the Government and people of Barbados to ensure we come out “strong”. (SAT)