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Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison


Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

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New York— Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison Wednesday in a New York courtroom.

Weinstein, 67, arrived to his sentencing hearing in a wheelchair and handcuffs. The former movie producer faced between five and 29 years for last month’s convictions on first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape. The charges were based on testimony in a New York courtroom by Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann, who both spoke at the sentencing.

“If Harvey Weinstein had not been convicted by this jury, it would have happened again and again and again,” Haley said Wednesday in court. “I’m relieved he will now know he’s not above the law. I’m relieved there are women out there who are safer because he’s not out there.”

Haley and the five other women who testified against Weinstein at his trial — Mann, actress Annabella Sciorra and three “prior bad acts” witnesses — arrived to court with prosecutors and sat in the front row. Actress Rosie Perez, who testified in support of Sciorra’s claims, walked in with them and sat in the second row.

Weinstein was acquitted of two more serious charges of predatory sexual assault, which could have come with a life sentence. Still, he faces five to 25 years in prison for the criminal sexual act charge, and up to four years in prison for the rape charge.

Judge James Burke decided the sentence for each charge.