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Water woes continue in St Lucy


Water woes continue in St Lucy

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Two pumping stations in St Lucy are still offline and residents in those areas will continue to experience low or no water supply.

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) said the Allendale and Lamberts Pumping Stations were shut off because of low reservoir levels and adjustments are being made to the system to help the situation.

As a result, people in the following areas may be affected: Colleton, Checker Hall, Shermans, Half Moon Fort, Clinketts, Sutherland Hill, Fustic, Bourbons, Broomfield, Maycocks, Husbands, Friendly Hall, Content, Archers, Crab Hill, Grape Hall, Salmonds, Greenidges, Cluffs, Spring Hall, Bright Hall, Connell Town, Northumberland, Hope, River Bay, Bishops, Coconut Hall, Spring Garden, Salmonds, Rockfield, Lowlands, St Clements, Round Rock, Chance Hall, Well Road, Pie Corner, Little Bay, Cove Bay, Fosters, Swampy Town, Trents, Mount Poyer, Harrises & Harrises Tenantry, Durhams, Jemmotts, Chance Hill, Mount View, Glendalough Road, Josey Hill, Peterses, Rock Hall, Lamberts, Mount Gay, Oxford, Church Hill, Luke Hill, Alexandria and surrounding districts.

Water tankers will continue to assist residents in the affected districts as a temporary measure and crews are also ensuring that the community tanks are being replenished.

The Barbados Water Authority apologised for the inconvenience. (PR/SAT)