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Ministry: Message was fake news


Ministry: Message was fake news

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The Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs has said a WhatsApp message, which circulated on Thursday advising people that the Welfare Department was distributing $300 grants to families in need, was false.

The Ministry, in a statement, said sharing this message was illegal and it took advantage of vulnerable people who believed it to be true.

Acting Chief Welfare Officer, Lorraine Willett, said people turned up at the headquarters saying they were there to collect the $300 food vouchers being distributed by the department.

The WhatsApp message also urged people to turn up early to get in line.

The Ministry, in a statement, said: “These people left their homes and came here because someone maliciously shared false information. This is wrong at any time, but particularly at this time when there is anxiety in the community regarding COVID-19. 

‘We urge members of the public to desist from this irresponsible behaviour,” the statement said.

Barbados Government Information Service’s website, can be used to verify information purporting to come from any Government department. (BGIS)