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Government staging Summer Camps


Government staging Summer Camps

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After much deliberation and consultation, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment will host its annual National Summer Camp Programme (NSCP), starting Monday.

Last month, the Ministry announced that there would be no summer camps this year. 

Minister Dwight Sutherland, in explaining why the decision was reversed, stated: “Over the years, the NSCP has yielded significant benefits, such as providing an opportunity for training young people in counselling, and activities management, thereby building the capacities of young people at the community level.

“The camp also provides a safe, enjoyable, exciting and learning experience for all campers and it gives them the opportunity to acquire new skills through activity involvement, so the Government of Barbados decided it was necessary to continue to build out and empower the country’s youth.”

The three-week camp, which will be held at 23 community venues across Barbados, will be adhering to the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ COVID-19 physical distancing protocols, and as a result, will only be catering to 500 young people. Given the adherence to the strict COVID-19 protocols, accommodation will be based on the size of each venue.

The NSCP will join other activities for youth being offered by Government. These are the Community Development Department’s ‘ITs for Teens’ Computer Technology online summer programme, the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme’s two-week Summer Enterprise Experience programme – an interactive introduction to entrepreneurship – the Next Steps Training Initiative Community Arts Programme and the collaboration with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy in its ‘Swim for Life’ programme through the National Sports Council.

Registration forms for the NSCP are available from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St Michael, the below listed community camp venues, or online at

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment remains committed to creating a dynamic and safe environment to engage Barbadian youth in a range of targeted summer activities.

For more information, persons may call 535-3835.  (BGIS)

Summer Camp Locations

St Michael: Clapham Community Centre, Bush Hall Resource Centre, Golden Rock Resource Centre, Bayville Community Centre, Ivy Community Centre, Emmerton Community Centre, Bonnetts Resource Centre

St James: Baywoods Community Centre, Weston Community Centre, Sion Hill Community Centre, Desmond Haynes Pavilion, Haynesville Police Outpost, Good Shepherd Church

St Joseph: St Elizabeth Community Centre & Pavilion

St George: Ellerton Community Centre

St Peter: Speightstown Pavilion & Resource Centre

St Thomas: Content Pavilion, Hill House Community Centre

St Lucy: Checker Hall Pavilion

Christ Church: Chesterfield Brewster Centre, St Christopher Resource Centre

St John: Gall Hill Community Centre

St Philip: Princess Margaret School (BGIS)