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Barbados moves to digital ID cards


Barbados moves to digital ID cards

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The Barbados Digital ID and National ID Card Replacement Project officially started with the signing of a contract between the Ministry of Innovation Science and Smart Technology (MIST) and Productive Business Solutions (PBS) (Barbados) Ltd.

The signing took place recently, at the Ministry’s office at Baobab Tower, Warrens, St Michael.

PBS will be the supplier of software, ID cards, printers and professional services for the project, which is estimated to last four months.

The Digital ID and National ID Card Replacement Project is a major transformational initiative of Government that will be executed by MIST and the Electoral Department. On completion of this project, the Digital Identity System will provide user authentication in online transactions and facilitate the signing of documents electronically.

The system will also facilitate the secure electronic transfer of information for a range of activities, such as e-commerce, Internet banking and e-communications.

It will use new smart card technology (plastic cards with embedded computer chips) as well as mobile phone technology to enhance the security and integrity of Barbados’ National ID system and support a wide range of public and private sector services. (MIST)