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Tragedy on Lamberts road

Tragedy on Lamberts road
David Foster (GP)

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David Foster, 75, of Mount View, St Lucy, lost his life while travelling along Lamberts on Saturday night.

He was returning home when his vehicle struck a utility pole and he died on the scene, leaving behind two sons and a wife of almost 35 years.

One of his sons, fire officer Junior Foster, said his father was a linesman turned television repairman at the then Rediffusion. He drove a public service vehicle after retirement.

“This situation is especially hard on mum, we didn’t get any sleep [Saturday] night. Next month on the twelfth would have made 35 years of marriage for them and now she here struggling and her blood pressure up. We are just trying hard to keep it together – we’ve lost family before, like uncles or grandparents but this is my dad. It’s real difficult, I don’t know where to turn,” he said, fighting tears.

Junior recounted how he was among the first to the scene, even before emergency personnel.

“I spoke to my dad around 8 p.m. telling him to go home because mum was alone. Then I got that call, hearing he was involved in an accident. When I got there and saw his condition and the condition of the car, I thought he couldn’t make it. I checked his pulse then I left, I couldn’t take any more. I had to call mum and tell her dad was gone. I heard he was breathing at first, if I had got there earlier, maybe I could have done something,” he said.

This death follows that of Yohance Johnson, 21, of Pie Corner, St Lucy. He was killed when the vehicle in which he was travelling along a bridge in a different area of Lamberts during heavy rainfall, was washed down a ravine by flood waters. Johnson’s body was washed a mile away into a gully in Date Tree Hill, St Peter, before he was recovered by members of the Barbados Fire Service, with assistance of residents. The driver, 23-year-old Devron Kellman, of Cave Hill Drive, survived but was in no condition to speak to the media. (CA)