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Minibus duo suspended for a week

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Minibus duo suspended for a week
Director of the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, Ronald Chapman. (FILE)


The suspension period for a minibus driver and a conductor was increased drastically yesterday after they breached COVID-19 protocols.

Director of the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, Ronald Chapman, confirmed this after the operators of B116 attempted to avoid a public health officer on Tuesday around 3:25 p.m.

Chapman said that although the two drove off when approached by an officer who noticed the vehicle was overloaded and that only some passengers wearing masks, they were unable to avoid the week-long suspension when officers caught up with them yesterday morning.

“The reason why we changed it from one day and put it to a whole week was because the guys made it clear that they have no intention of complying,” he said.

“If they continue this, then we will have to look at increasing the penalties because there is no way we can allow them to put the entire country at risk for their short-term gain.”

He said he hoped others would learn a lesson and follow the rules.

“It is my hope that with the new measures, the guys will realise that we are serious about what we are doing and about protecting the country and that they would be socially responsible.” (TG)

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