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Son, 21, missing for more than a month

Son, 21, missing for more than a month
MISSING Shakeem Shaquan Forde (GP)

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Geoffrey Forde has not set eyes on his son, 21-year-old Shakeem Forde, in more than a month.

The Clifton Hill, St Thomas father of two is seeking answers while desperately clinging to dwindling hope.

“I would just like to find him. I would love him to be alive but a month is a long time and I just don’t know,” he said.

Son, 21, missing for more than a month

The driver at Lewis Concrete said his son was asleep when he left for work on October 16.

“I went to work as normal but when I got home I didn’t see him so I figured he went out. But I didn’t see him the next morning either and when I came back home from work that day, my niece was asking my other son, Makkiri, where his big brother was as they had not seen him since the day before.”

This raised the alarm and Shakeem’s mother was contacted, who then alerted the police and made a missing person’s report. Forde said his son was not accustomed to disappearing for any great length of time.

“He wasn’t working . . . He would keep noise [quarrel] sometimes but I’ve never heard about him getting into any trouble. I’m trying not to study it too much but his mother can’t eat or sleep; we need to know what happened.”

Forde said Shakeem was known to frequent the area of Sugar Hill but there had been no sign of him there. He said the next thing now would be to search gullies, Pigeon Cave and Cole Cave.

“I don’t know why he would be down in those places but you hearing things and at least it’s worth a look. Anything’s possible,” he said.

As for 14-year-old Makkiri, he only said he missed his big brother and hoped he was found soon. (CA)