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Constitutional motion adjourned


Constitutional motion adjourned
Adriel Brathwaite, QC, leaving the Supreme Court Complex, February 11, 2022. (Picture by Jameel Springer)

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The constitutional motion brought by former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, QC, challenging the constitutionality of Parliament has been adjourned until February 25.

Madame Justice Cicely Chase made the announcement today after hearing case management submissions from Brathwaite’s attorney Garth Patterson, QC, and Government’s lawyer Leslie Haynes, QC.

The constitutional motion is alleging that the Senate, with only 18 senators, is not properly constituted and, therefore, by extension, neither was Parliament.

Madame Justice Chase has ordered attorneys for the Government to file and serve any affidavits in response to the suit by February 17.

Both sides will file written submissions by February 23. (HLE)

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