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Car rolls over man, killing him at Chalky Mount

Car rolls over man, killing him at Chalky Mount

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UPDATE: The man has now been identified as Matthew Felix Moore, 51 of Chalky Mount, St Andrew.


Lawmen are investigating an unnatural death at Chalky Mount, St Andrew.

According to police, the victim was at home around 5:45 p.m. and went to remove the concrete slab upon which his vehicle – which was experiencing mechanical problems – was propped, to prevent it from rolling backward on the uneven and sloped terrain.

However, after he removed the slab, the vehicle began to roll back and he held on from behind “as if to stop it from rolling further back”.

The vehicle’s momentum pushed the man to the ground and ran over him before travelling about 30 feet along the yard, then plunged into a 7 feet deep ravine.

Ambulance personnel responded to the scene but found no sign of life. A medical doctor visited the scene and pronounced the death of the man. (PR/SAT)